Established in 1993

The Group has worked with small start-up companies as well as top performing companies in many industries, helping them take their products and services to new heights. With a focus on implementing marketing programs and producing captivating content, The Group can successfully drive traffic and generate income for your business.

The Group has built an infrastructure, comprised of a strong consulting team, with the expertise to offer solutions that are designed to positively influence strategic and operational functions of your organization.

For years we have successfully led our clients through their most pressing initiatives, and helped them to define their objectives, find solutions and seize opportunities.

Why "The Group"?

Doing Business in today’s economy is far more complex than it used to be. Market conditions are unprecedented, customers are more sophisticated and technology has created opportunities as well as confusion. Discovering the right mix of strategies and the resources to credibly communicate your message can be risky. Our success stems from the outstanding capabilities of our consultants, many of whom are recognized as experts in their respective fields; our close relationships with a select group of respected academic and industry experts; and from a corporate philosophy that stresses interdisciplinary collaboration and responsive service. Our engagement begins with the following tenants:

Unique Relationships
We strategically align life-long partnerships with our clients to craft strategies that are meaningful to those who can impact your business the most, and focus on helping take your concept to budgeted results.

Personalized Insights
We tailor our services to each client’s unique situation and put in place performance metrics and governance mechanisms to ensure goals are being met and tracked. We bring extensive business experience and proven analytic techniques that lead to high-impact and actionable insights.

Entrepreneurial Spirit
We believe in taking accountability for our work by sharing our clients’ risks through a variety of methods, including consulting for equity and success fees.

How We Operate
We believe that finding the proper consultant is much more important than finding one that is close to you.

Although we have traveled across the world implementing our solutions for thousands of clients, we prefer to practice what we preach.

Therefore, on engagements that don’t require travel, we "web commute" to you. We strive to utilize the internet and technology to reduce costs and allow flexibility in our pricing. Of course, we are always available to travel whenever necessary.

So, whether you have a specific project in mind or simply have a question, please don't hesitate to contact us.