As part of The Group's management services for artists, we are developing a suite of B2B services and technology solutions to create successful partnering relationships with emerging talent early in their careers. The services and technology are designed to assist artists administer their careers utilizing multiple services that nurture, counsel and support the artist as they evolve throughout their career.

The Group has developed a business model that facilitates a global "network" for the nightlife and the entertainment community. This project is an evolutionary process that links costs to revenue opportunities for The Group's management company operations, to its subsidiaries. This includes;
A live event production and nightclub development division "Jib St. Entertainment"; A 21st century record label that transcends the traditional models "MuseTunes"; and A software developer and technology incubator, “MJC Interactive Media” that offers complete audio-visual digital production, editing, encoded broadcasting services utilizing the latest mobile technology to produce live entertainment content.

The Group is partnering with a new breed of media companies in which content, technology, and marketing come together. Combining these capabilities in one "network" makes The Group unique and enables it to adapt very quickly to developments in the entertainment industry.

Music Industry Solutions
Should you like further information on business and/or partnering opportunities to be part of this exciting venture, please feel free to contact us.