The greatest asset to every organization is its people. The Group offers a host of corporate learning solutions to advance organizational and individual project performance and a chance to work on the growing complexity between the liquidity and profitability pressures faced by today’s business requirements. Our workshops and seminars examine specific core training workshops and executive development seminars to meet growth and mix objectives. This approach has helped many institutions lower overall operating costs and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Programs address all levels of development from introductory to mastery, and include:
  • Core and management training workshops.
  • Comprehensive project management curriculum.
  • Contracting and negotiation skills workshops.
  • 1-3 day sales and sales management workshop series.
  • Advanced business skills, leadership/supervisory strategies, and effective motivational management training workshops.
  • Competency assessment and performance evaluations.
  • Training support services including course customization, training administration, and post course mentoring programs.
Training and Development
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