The sales function when properly managed is an outwardly focused, tactical strike team, whose main objective is to close the sale and provide excellent customer service. The marketing function however, is responsible for the research leading to the strategic planning that clearly defines industries/market segments to sell into, plus the communication tools that will be used in the selling effort.

Considering that most businesses confuse these functions, it is often difficult to gauge the performance and profit contribution of either the sales or marketing functions, thereby resulting in low margin sales, poor sales performance or missed market opportunities. In a growing, transitional or distressed business, it is particularly easy to point out sales shortages as non-performance by the sales team, and to forget that tactical problems may require a change in your strategic marketing plan. The Group specializes in driving growth through more efficient and effective use of your selling resources. We not only assess sales strategies, organization structures and programs to identify opportunities for improved productivity and growth, but also develop the plans needed to accelerate sales coverage, performance and the profitability process. This includes the following:
  • Value proposition strength.
  • Distribution channels.
  • Competitive positioning.
  • Business retention challenges.
  • Capacity of current selling resources to reach and serve target segments.
  • Attractiveness of alternative channels.
  • Growth prospects in under-penetrated market segments.
  • Sales and sales management talent, recruiting and training.
  • Channel supplements (tele-sales/service).
  • Support staff.
  • Costs of sales.
  • Quotas and focus programs (compensation/bonuses).
  • New customer buying process and the sales process to serve them.
  • Performance metrics.
  • Seller effectiveness (coaching, reward and recognition).

The Group also provides training and development seminars and workshops for clients that are interested in exploring specific subject areas and insight into sales best practices, effective management development and customer care, project management, etc.

Sales Performance Solutions
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