Accurate market research is the foundation for every business or marketing plan. It supports your idea with fact-based data so that investors will feel confident in your understanding of the market. Our research produces solid, factual, information that is directly relevant to your business’ specific needs, not the needs of the "average" company in your industry. We combine qualitative market research (articles, surveys, interviews, focus groups) and quantitative market research (statistical analysis, graphs, charts) and other proprietary resources, to provide an accurate and balanced picture, and to help you gain a much deeper understanding of the following:

Industry Analysis
The Group helps you present the collected information on the size, growth and structure of the industry your business serves, describing any significant changes, trends (cultural, technological, demographics) that are ongoing or expected in your industry. As well as describing any issues related to your company’s product and or service offerings.

Target Market Segment Analysis
We also help you identify and characterize which segments of the market you are targeting, and their attractiveness and natural importance including examining the S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities) analysis. Segments are differentiated by many characteristics, such as, age, profession, gender, geographic location, etc. We can also refine your approach and expand your market-share by utilizing our international experience in understanding both cultural differences and business protocol for the Latin American and/or U.S. Hispanic market segment.

Customer Analysis
The Group helps you profile who your target customers are as opposed to what kind of customers make up a segment. Your customer profile can include information on economic factors, demographics, psychographics, customer adoption habits and other influences. Although you are selling to a person who makes the buying decision, selling to individuals and selling to businesses require completely different approaches.

Competitive Analysis
This section of your plan includes an analysis of any company that is fulfilling the same need for your targeted customers. Competition not only comes from companies in the same industry as you, but also from other sources interested in your customers’ money. We acknowledge both the obvious and the less obvious competitors, comparing products and services, comparing the effectiveness of their organization, and comparing their track records. We can help you acquire competitive intelligence for both national and multinational companies.

Risk Assessment
The group helps you address business and economic risk as well as environmental risk. Of course, research does not always turn up all possible risks, however, we help you identify as many potential risks as possible and suggest solutions for them before they occur.

Market Research and Analysis
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