Consistency in messages throughout a company's communications is key to achieving long-term sales and marketing goals. To positively influence sales of a company's product or service, means to directly or indirectly ensure that materials messages, mesh with those being promoted through the media and other marketing activities supporting the sales efforts. Whether you are selling online or through traditional channels, success is about the customer shopping experience. Helpful and knowledgeable staff, a pleasing environment, easy to search inventory, etc. The Group helps you deliver the best presentation with the following marketing communications services:
  • Writing and designing collateral materials, such as logos, brochures, sales literature, newsletters, invitations, and product packaging.
  • Designing and implementing trade show booths, conference displays and hospitality events.
  • Developing promotional packages and advertising campaigns (General & Hispanic markets).
  • Producing corporate sales, training, education and other videos.
  • Developing sales kits, letters and interactive presentations.
  • Providing content and a systematic approach to web development.

Considering that web development is a crucial part of your marketing goals, we carefully craft a web strategy that is consistent with your overall business strategy. As part of this process, your long-term goals are explored and existing IT systems are evaluated before options are identified and assessed. We provide expertise in a number of website planning areas including: site structure; aesthetic design; browser compatibility; choice of service provider; domain name registration; and choice of server software. We build effective client websites by addressing issues that ensure integration with your overall business strategy. We take into consideration a range of factors including the appeal, functionality and intuitiveness of the public interface, the ease of administration and reporting, and the bandwidth efficiency.

Marketing Communications Services
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