The Group has not only implemented strategic and tactical planning services for our clients, but also executed successful product launching campaigns as well as executed complete "start-up" services on behalf of local, regional, national and multinational clients.

Whether you are looking to start an ancillary product or service offering to your existing business line, or open multiple locations or subsidiaries throughout the world, The Group has the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your goals. A key aspect of The Groups' mission is to help our clients transform their strategic plans into dynamic, action-oriented tactical plans for each business unit and management level.

Our areas of expertise include:
  • Complete company, subsidiary and/or ancillary service/product start-up execution services.
  • Annual tactical planning.
  • Sales performance solutions.
  • Quarterly action planning for sales and management personnel.
  • Sales planning and management training.
  • Sales process and sales cycle development.
  • Sales integration and cross-sell programs.
  • Sales tool development.
  • Sales culture development.
  • Incentive compensation plan design.
  • Third party service provider due diligence and selection.
  • Business unit assessment.
  • Turn around and restructuring.
  • Position description and key position candidate attributes and skills determination.
Tactical Planning and Execution
The Group will help you set key annual and short-term goals. Measurable action steps will be determined to help achieve each goal. We implement a reporting and review process to ensure accountability and an objective review of progress. Management training is also provided to teach your staff how to create, implement and administer their action plans. Our overriding objective is to help our client meet stated goals and to drive bottom line results.
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