All business turnaround situations are different. Whether you are in the process of an acquisition or suffering from market conditions, liquidity constraints, deteriorating operations or are in an over-leveraged position, our professionals can assist you to correct a multitude of issues and provide financial and operational guidance. We quickly stabilize performance by developing and implementing strategic and tactical plans that addresses the immediate challenges your company is facing, as well as building on your long term objectives based on your organization's unique strengths. This helps your company restore confidence in its lenders, creditors and investors.

With the increasing impact of private equity investment, turnaround services are no longer uncommon. The concept of a turnaround is by no means limited to the private sector, and our clients for professional turnaround services have included major public sector and third sector organizations. Aquisitions remain, whether via private equity or otherwise, the most common trigger for a turnaround engagement.

Our clients often look to us to place an interim executive to drive the turnaround process. Given the finite window of opportunity for a turnaround and the very particular executive required, our interim managers make the ideal turnaround management team. You can rest assured that we will be there for the duration of the engagement, and are effective from day one. Our Interim Executive Services bring a track record and objectivity that is very welcoming in difficult times. Tough decisions are reviewed and appropriate action is taken in an even-handed manner. We pride ourselves on leaving a stable and sustainable situation once turnaround management has been achieved.

Our Restructuring and Turnaround Services fee is determined by the severity of the problem. You get our services for a fixed fee, rather than charged by the hour. Thus, you are fully aware of what the costs will be to turn your company around.

Restructuring Services
Our restructuring services include but are not limited to the following:
  • Manage cash and working capital.
  • Model cash flow.
  • Evaluate viability of operations.
  • Prepare liquidation analyses.
  • Identify and analyze assumptions, business plan forecasts and projections.
  • Assess feasibility of business plans.
  • Analyze reorganization plans and alternatives.
  • Assist in the development of exit strategies.
  • Assist with debt restructuring.
  • Negotiate with creditors.
  • Perform business valuations.
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Turnaround Services
Our turnaround services include but are not limited to the following:
  • Administer crisis cash management.
  • Perform Interim Executive Management responsibilities.
  • Identify issues affecting profitability.
  • Develop turnaround plan and implementation.
  • Facilitate implementation of solutions.
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