The Group works with or discovers thousands of small to middle market businesses with real growth potential each year. Should you be looking for new and interesting investment opportunities, we can dramatically increase your deal flow. We create an Investor profile for you with variables that include industry verticals, geographic location, historical revenue and potential, number of employees, etc. Then we search our network of businesses to find the opportunities that meet your profile. Upon the completion of our preliminary due diligence process, The Group will extend the candidate’s information to you (in complete confidence) so you can make an informed decision without any infringement on your privacy.

The Group will carry out an extensive due diligence process on your behalf. As part of this process we will conduct a thorough analysis of the entire business and market potential, including in-depth interviews with company management, owners, employees, and customers. We understand that time is of the essence, thereby making sure that we accelerate the process to arrive at a prompt and accurate result.

Investor Services
  Considering that our consulting practice is designed to help businesses grow, we offer the same services to Investors as we do to business owners and entrepreneurs. We can provide short term consulting engagements or we can act in an interim management capacity. Contact us today for more information. >>