Today's corporate environment is in a constant state of change, due to a variety of internal and external forces. Managing change, whether it affects one department or shareholders around the world, has become one of the most critical management issues for any company wishing to protect and enhance its reputation. In fact, one of the most important factors behind the success of any entrepreneurial venture comes down to experienced management. However, the skills necessary to deliver the fundamental change that is required to turnaround a business, or the experience needed to sidestep easily avoided mistakes in a new venture, are far from common.

For very early-stage businesses, hiring full time experienced Chief level executives is not always practical until much later in the business development process, and raising capital without one is nearly impossible. The logical conclusion is to hire an experienced Chief for 10% or 20% of the time that can yield 50% to 80% of the benefits of having a full-time Chief at a fraction of the cost, until you are ready to hire one on a permanent basis.

The Group has identified a number of exceptional interim executives whose record of successful previous assignments is without a doubt clear proof of their ability. Whether we serve as your interim CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, Project Managers or in some other senior executive role, we can help you run your business or manage a particular project by temporarily filling one or more management roles in your organization. You also control your costs, which have been shown to be lower than if using salaried team members, given the high output and effectiveness of carefully selected interims.

Interim Executive Management
Should you find that our executives could fill these vital roles in your organization, please feel free to contact us so that we can visit with you to determine initial level of mutual interest, and to structure a relationship that ensures success.
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